G.O. Speak And Sound English (GOSSE)

About Us


GOSSE is a private speech establishment dedicated to effective teaching

We teach our clients to speak good and clear English, using first class in-house developed course materials.
It was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2015 as Speak and Sound English but changed its name to
G. O. Speak and Sound English Limited in 2016.


The conduct of our affairs is guided by the following principles: Professionalism | Team spirit | Service | Integrity


GOSSE’s vision is to be one of the top speech organizations in the country.


Our mission is to provide first class and affordable services to our clients, using highly skilled and motivated professionals.


It is commonly accepted and has been proven that those who speak the English language with good diction are often admired in the society. They often find doors of opportunities opened for them with a flourish. Unfortunately, many of us in this country are not able to speak this beautiful language with clarity. There are many reasons for this problem, the prominent one being that of mother tongue interference. For example, most people routinely pronounce the word cup /kʌp/ as /kop/; teeth /tiɵ/ as /tit/. There are many who pronounce the word fish /fiʃ/ as /fIs/, while others will say /paiv/ instead of the correct /faiv/ for the word five; and their counterparts will pronounce the word like /laik/ as /naik/.

These are just a few examples of the problems we help people to overcome in order to make their speech more intelligible and standard.


Passionate People Working Together For Common Goal


At GOSSE, we bring you transformation, the path to success!

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