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GOSSE is a speech organization solely established to help its clients speak the English language with clarity and fluency, using carefully developed course materials. Learners could choose to learn on their own or be guided by our highly skilled and committed Assessors. We also organize seminars for companies and schools as well as teach clients on one-on-one basis.

1. A GOSSE teacher or facilitator visits your school to help students learn, using GOSSE specially developed course materials. The visit could be once a week or once in a forth night depending on the terms of agreement.

2. Client(s) could purchase GOSSE specially developed course materials and learn on his/her (their) own.  In this case added fee will be required so that a GOSSE Assessor or quality assurance personnel could visit the client(s) to monitor progress.

3. GOSSE also organize seminars for schools and organizations, using GOSSE specially developed course materials.

4. GOSSE has special arrangements to teach individuals on one-on-one basis using GOSSE specially developed course materials. These courses run from 1 week to 12 weeks.

- Schools
- Public Relations practitioners
- Business executives
- Broadcasters
- Private individuals

- GOSSE has highly skilled, committed and motivated workers.  
- our course materials (Booklets and DVDs) are carefully researched and produced in Nigeria, with pride.
- We have a clear understanding of the speech industry, including its competitive landscape and value drivers.
- We train and retrain our Assessors and constantly revise our course materials, to keep up with current developments by language researchers in English.
- We have developed an operations strategy that ensures delivery of superior services, relative to the competition.