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Gbeke Oni is a seasoned speech trainer and management practitioner with over 15 years experience in the ‘speak and sound right’ business.  She grew up in the United Kingdom where she acquired the native fluency of speech and a passion to share her love of the English language with others.  She is widely published and is the acclaimed author of many books used in teaching Diction-in-English in many schools nationwide.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Nottingham on Trent University, England. She worked as a Chemist with 3M Pharmaceutical Company, England and also as a Chemist at Environmental Sciences Limited, England.

On her return to Nigeria, she worked briefly as Processing Manager, Boom Drink Industry before joining Education Resorts International where she honed her skills and rose rapidly to become the Executive Director, Speak Right Africa Academy an arm of ERI.

Mrs. Oni particularly enjoys transcription, a subject most people find baffling, and shy away from.  To demystify this, she has developed the English Sound Alphabetic Table (ESAT), a unique chart to help people understand the concept of transcription.  Gbeke Oni is not resting on her oars as she is currently working hard to expand and perfect the table.